Taiwan Trip ~ 1st Trip in My Life

Taiwan Trip ~ 1st Trip in My Life

With an exciting mood, I went to Taiwan for my first travelling trip on 7th December 2011 and back to Malaysia on 13th December 2011. Recall that first time I took flight was going to Jakarta, Indonesia. However, it is not for holiday but visiting friends. 2nd time was coming back to KL from my home town JB. So basically this is the 3rd time taking flights. Not because I never go for trip but taking flight for the purpose of travelling is the first time.

It was a free & easy trip in Taiwan, but I never fear of getting lost at somewhere. Probably that is because of Taiwan residents are all Chinese and their friendliness and kindliness are heard since long ago.

Ticket has been bought since one year ago. And the planned for all the hotspot to visit were only planned few month ago of our actual trip. Hehe…. exciting even mention it again 6 months after. These photos were taken in the LCCT airport and in the flights. (Seriously, if there is chance, I will go Taiwan again. Indeed, I keep asking my wife when we will go there again. Coz it is really a great experience and I really have fun there)

The pretty lady was my girlfriend (at that moment) but my wife (now). hehehe~~~

December 17th, 2011..5.35pm, we departed from the LCCT airport, and started our 7 days trip in Taiwan~~~ yeah!!!~~~